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Collectibles To Go is formerly known as 

We are sure there are millions of sites on the Internet, so first of all let us thank you for visiting this one.

This site got started as a result of visiting Antique Shops, Consignment Stores, Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales or anywhere else we found items which reminded us of past times.

Yes, we are of the baby boomer generation but we do embrace a lot of the “newer” technology. Cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, drones and the influx of data available “online” just to list a few.

 Our genes surely shaped our destiny. Most of our parents would have been considered “packrats.” They seldom disposed of anything—it was just repurposed. Did you ever hear of the term hoarder before the suburbs were built? collectibles stores antique stores

Simply put........We offer for sale items which remind us of our childhood, our parents or grandparents times.

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